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David Mathis

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Rooted in the heart of Georgia, I hail from a family of seasoned craftsmen and outdoor enthusiasts, a heritage that instilled in me a profound appreciation for both meticulous craftsmanship and the serenity of the great outdoors. Amidst the construction projects that defined our days, leisure moments were dedicated to the pursuits of fishing and hunting, creating a seamless fusion of work and passion.

Post high school, I conscientiously followed the familial path, evolving from a craftsman to a licensed general contractor and ultimately, a business owner. Despite the demands of my professional pursuits, my love for the outdoors remained unwavering. In 2016, my wife and I embarked on a significant milestone by acquiring our own 85-acre timber tract in Taliaferro County, Georgia. This pivotal experience not only deepened my connection to nature but also sparked a profound interest in real estate.

Navigating the intricate process of land acquisition, timber evaluation, and resource management brought me immense fulfillment—surpassing even the gratification derived from my role as a contractor. Eager to share this joy and assist others in realizing their land ownership dreams, my wife and I ventured into the land business. Subsequently, driven by a desire for a more direct impact, I pursued and obtained a Realtor license.

Being both a land specialist and licensed Realtor has allowed me to play a pivotal role in helping others materialize their visions of land ownership. Whether guiding clients through the acquisition process or facilitating property sales, it remains a profound pleasure to contribute to the realization of others’ dreams and aspirations in the realm of real estate.

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