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Buying Land?

Georgia is a state with a vast amount of diversity in options for land. Evaluating these different properties takes experience and proper expertise. Buying land can be difficult and complicated, which is why it’s important to have someone with experience helping you. When it comes to buying land you can count on us to guide you through every step of the process.

Specializing in Georgia Piedmont & Coastal Regions


There are many tasks I help with as a buyer’s agent. I will help answer any questions you may have in the beginning as to land suitable for you, financing, zoning, and so forth. Once we know what you want I search properties on and off market for you. After viewing properties and you’re ready to put an offer in the work for me really begins. I negotiate the deal on your behalf with your direction, thoroughly check into property rights, encumbrances, encroachments, utilities, county restrictions, deed restrictions, covenants, access, easements, usability, etc. I can also help with soil scientists, surveyors, foresters, timber buyers, and attorneys. I help to make sure you buy what you want and are able to use it how you want.

Our brokerage does not participate in dual agency. We feel it is impossible to be impartial in trying to represent the buying and selling parties simultaneously.

Yes you should. We love helping others with their dreams of ownership. However we must dedicate our time showing properties to clients who are ready to purchase.

There are a few options for funding your land purchase. Local banks to the area of land have programs available to buyers. There are also AG Credit and Farm Credit lenders in the state that can help with funding. Options can vary by location and the land itself. Land funding typically carries a higher interest rate of 1%-2% higher than your standard residential mortgage rate. Down payments are also typically higher in the range of 25%-30% of the purchase price.

We will have an initial conversation to discover what your needs are for your land purchase. We will discuss budget, in place funding, availability for viewing, purchase time frame, land uses, expectations, location, land features, and etc. Once we have these parameters in place and you’d like to proceed forward we will execute a Buyer Brokerage Agreement.

The majority of the time the compensation for buyer representation is covered by the commission split from the listing agent. It is on rare occasion that there can be duties outside the norm that could incur additional cost. This is of course discussed prior to this occurring.

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