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Mathis Land Group Owner Financed Land

As one of our most popular services, Owner Financing for the purchase of one of our properties may be right for you. We offer simple $0 down, fixed interest, and $350 processing fee on an installment for deed. We offer financing terms for up to 20 years with no prepayment penalty. The interest rate is listed with available properties. Our interest rates vary with the current market rates. Contact us today with any questions!

Specializing in Georgia Piedmont & Coastal Regions


If you find a property we own that is for sale that you like then we can begin the process. We can meet with you to walk the tract of land your are interested in. If you’d like to pursue the purchase of the property then we would move forward to the installment contract for deed. The property will remain in Mathis Land Group’s name until the purchase price of the property has been satisfied. We offer simple owner financing at fixed interest for up to 20 years. We require a $350 processing fee for the contract. There is no prepayment penalty for early payoff. There is an option of a deed closing with the property being put in your name. Please contact us for further details.

Yes, you are welcome to buy multiple lots/tracts. There is a down payment required for multiple lots/tracts purchased. Please contact us for details.

Most of the time our properties have power at the road but no utilities installed. Occasionally we do have tracts with utilities and that will be listed with the property.

You treat the property just like you would if you purchased it with a bank loan with a few exceptions. You will not be able to acquire a construction loan from a bank with an owner financed term with the property in our name. You can however purchase and place a mobile home on the property. Most modular home companies will finance a home placed on owner financed land. You can also build a home out of pocket. You can not sell any of the property rights without Mathis Land Group’s permission. IE timber, mineral, water. Any approved rights to be sold will go towards the principal amount you owe on the land.

When Mathis Land Group purchases and develops a property, a state registered surveying company is hired to mark all boundary lines to ensure our customers know what they are purchasing. If a lot has been returned to Mathis Land Group, and the boundary lines have become unclear, the lot will be re-marked before being put on the market. Mathis Land Group also purchases individual tracts that may have not been marked in years. In this case Mathis Land Group will be happy to recommend a surveyor if at any time a boundary line needs to be clarified or re-marked, however, all costs incurred will be at the buyer’s expense.

We have online payment options as well as we accept paper checks. Our online options will automatically send you an invoice for payment on your due date each month. Our online invoice option accepts ACH and credit card payments. ACH or paper checks are the preferred payment method. Please mail a personal or certified check to 146 GA-138 PB #325, Monroe, GA 30655. Any returned check fees will be applied to your account.

Each account is given a 15-day grace period. Once the payment is 15 days past due, a 5% late charge will be added.

Property taxes vary by lot and county. Mathis Land Group can provide you with the previous year’s tax amount to give you an estimate of the the cost for your lot. Taxes are not included in your monthly payment. You will receive an annual bill from Mathis Land Group for your property taxes and your first year will be pro-rated based on the date of your contract. Mathis Land Group does not add a surcharge to the amount charged by the County.

Yes. Click here to view a sample Installment Sales Contract.

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