How To Increase Your Whitetail Hunting Success On Your Georgia Land

If you own land in Georgia and want to increase your whitetail hunting success, here are some tips to consider:

Habitat management: Create and maintain suitable habitat for deer by providing food, water, and cover. Planting food plots, installing watering sources, and managing the vegetation can improve the quality and quantity of deer on your land. Along with food plots you can also plant different varieties of fruit and nut trees. Deer love variety in their diet so planting trees and food plots that provide a variety and yield at different parts of the year are optimal. You can also fertilize existing fruit and nut trees increase yields. Removing competing not bearing trees from your forests can also help your fruit and nut bearing trees increase yield. If your property does not have water then consider installing small watering tanks throughout your property. Cover is also a critical part of increasing your success of whitetail hunting. Hinge cutting can be a great option to create cover and decrease tree competition.

Trail cameras: Use trail cameras to monitor the deer movement patterns and population density on your land. This can help you identify the best areas to place hunting stands and make strategic hunting decisions.

Hunting stand placement: Place your hunting stands in areas that provide good visibility and cover, such as near food sources or along travel routes between bedding and feeding areas. Know which areas deer are visiting most during which parts of the day. Typically hunting foods plots are better served for afternoon sits. Wood lines and cover are typically better dooring morning sits when the deer are returning to bedding areas. Although these are typical these are not hard facts. We have had success in the alternate depending on the time of year.

Scent control: Control your scent by using scent-blocking clothing, showering with scent-free soap, and avoiding scented products. This can help you avoid detection by deer and increase your chances of a successful hunt.

Hunting techniques: Use different hunting techniques such as calling, rattling, and scent lures to attract deer to your location. Also, consider the wind direction and time of day to make the most effective hunting decisions.

Harvest management: Practice selective harvesting by targeting older, mature bucks and allowing younger bucks to mature. This can improve the overall health and size of the deer population on your land.

Predator control: Manage the predator population on your land by controlling the number of coyotes, bobcats, and other predators that can impact the deer population.

Sometimes timing alone can be your greatest asset. We have had much more success in the early season such as bow and early gun season. The deer are much more relaxed and still in their summer patterns. By implementing these strategies, you can increase your chances of a successful whitetail hunting season on your Georgia land.