Ways To Add Value To Your Land

Making improvements to your property can add big value. When this topic comes up most people think they have to spend a lot of money on large improvements. Many of the smaller simpler improvements can add big value in comparison to their cost. There are many

improvements you as the landowner can do yourself and others may require a professional. Some improvements may require equipment you do not own however much of the equipment needed can be rented. Listed below are some improvements we have made in the past that have made properties more appealing, easier to traverse, and/or increased usability.

Install Driveway Access

This project can range in scope from small to large and everything in between. Some counties we work in will actually install the driveway pipe for the landowner. Others we have simply pulled the permit and installed the pipe ourselves. We did have to rent a skid steer and buy the pipe. We have also had properties with needed access over creeks and/or low areas that required professional installation. All of these added value over the investment in the improvement to the property. The last driveway over a creek we had professionally installed doubled the value of the property.

Enhanced Entrance

This improvement can add great curb appeal to the property. You are creating a vision for the potential buyer to see themselves in. Depending on the area, adding a nice gate with fifteen to twenty feet of wood fencing on either side may be all you need. We like to use larger gates or two smaller gates in our installations. Our goal is to have at least a twelve-foot access on most properties. For farm properties we like to have twenty feet if possible.

Improve Roads

This is another project that can greatly range in scope. Some roads through the property may only need limbing and/or mowing. Others may need holes filled or areas scraped. Some areas that tend to hold water that can’t be effectively graded for drainage may need gravel. Some sloped roads may require a water bar to slow and divert the run off to prevent washouts.


This can quite possibly be the simplest and most overlooked improvement. Having a clean landscape for the potential buyer to see helps them visualize their ownership. It also gives them the opportunity to view the property in detail which helps reassure they didn’t miss anything. Some properties can be done with a simple residential mower. Others require a tractor with a rotary cutter. Many areas have locals that will mow for hire. We see this cost range from $45-$65 per hour in the areas we service.

Food Plots

This is one of my favorites. There’s something about seeing a beautifully done green/crop field in the middle of the woods. To any hunter, this brings thoughts of cold November mornings and big bucks. Old fields, loading yards, firebreaks, and woods roads are great areas to plant. Most of these are stump and tree less which makes any type of planting easier. If none of this is an option then clearing areas can be something to consider. In this case the pros and cons should certainly be weighed before a decision is made. Depending on the time and equipment you have available it can get costly.


When we speak of utilities we mostly are speaking of power and possibly internet. Some properties we have been a part of did not have power. In this situation we’ve had to work with the local power company to figure out whom we need permission from to have it ran to the property needing it. We then negotiate with the adjoining land owners to obtain a written power easement. There is possible clearing for the right of ways involved as well as possible cost of obtaining permission for the easement. Depending on the cost this can certainly be something worth doing to add value. If power is important to you when purchasing a property, we advise that you make sure it is available. If it is not on the property then you’ll want the easement negotiated prior to buying. A landowner can deny an easement and it has happened. Other utilities like well and septic if not already on the property are usually not additions that will have an ROI in many cases. If a well and/or septic is located on the property then having them inspected for proper function can certainly be helpful to the sale.

We know that small is relative to the individual/individuals making the improvement decisions. These are ideas and experiences we have had that helped clients in their land sales. Let us know if we can help you with the purchase or sale of your property.