What Can You Do With Your Georgia Land?

            The thoughts of purchasing your very own piece of land can bring about feelings of joy and excitement. Many have dreamed of living the homestead life where they can raise and/or grow their own food. Again, many have dreamed of having their very own family community living on this particular piece of land. Or maybe they dreamed of running their very own business from their home base. All of these are great reasons to buy your very own piece of land. However, depending where you are looking to purchase none of these may be an option to do on the land.

            When purchasing land you must consider the current zoning, any deed restrictions, any protective covenants, EPA regulations, and/or any other state and federal restrictions. Any of these can significantly diminish the options you have for the use of your property. Specializing in Georgia real estate, my experience has been that typically the more rural the location the laxer the restrictions. This isn’t always the case but more than not it is the norm.  Before you buy you or your representative must do your due diligence.

            Having a professional and experienced representative can significantly help you in your search for land that fits your purpose for purchasing land. A professional representative will have experience in requesting information from the county and researching county codes. They’ll also have the ability to check the recorded deed for restrictions including deed and covenants. Your representative will be able to help you navigate any additional potential regulations that may need to be looked into based on your purpose of the purchase. One example is if you are wanting to run a hog farm. Hog feces runoff is hazardous to surrounding wells and aquafers. Many will need collection lagoons and additional treatments based on the size of the operation.  

Having a professional to represent you for the purchase of land has zero cost to you the majority of the time. It is common place in Georgia for the listing agent to share a portion of the listing commission with the buyer’s agent. Depending on the needs of your representation there could be additional fees but with us this isn’t typical. If you’re interested in the prospect of buying your own land, give us a call. We’d be happy to discuss the options you have at no obligation to you.