Buying Land for Hobby Farming in Georgia?

Starting your very own hobby farm is an exciting venture to undertake. Some of the key attributes needed are land, farming knowledge, time, and patience. Many of these attributes can be obtained through experience and the internet. Land is one attribute however that can be a little trickier to obtain. Having an experienced land professional working with you at possibly no cost to you can be a great advantage.

What is a Hobby Farm?

Typically, a hobby farm can be described as less than 50 acres. Hobby farms can provide a tremendous amount of pleasure and quite possibly a boost of additional income. Additionally and possibly the most fulfilling benefit a hobby farm can provide the owner with is a self-sustaining future.

Make sure to understand that a hobby farm isn’t just a small vegetable garden that you may see in urban areas of the country. A hobby farm can take quite a bit of time and effort to keep it operating. As a hobby farmer you’ll have possible maintenance detail on your equipment, fencing, housing, gardens, fruit and nut trees, and so forth.

Hobby Farming Benefits

Hobby farms have seen growth in popularity recently as people recognize the possible benefits of owning and running their very own. Below are some of the ways you could benefit from having your very own hobby farm:

  • Health
    • Healthy vegetables and animal products
    • Continual exercise
    • Stress relief and relaxation
    • Mental (fulfillment, joy, happiness, etc.)
  • Social
    • Local farmer’s markets
    • Local Co-Op
    • Local food bank
    • Hobby farming groups
  • Self-Sustaining Life and Agriculture
    • Less dependence on grocery stores
    • Less dependence on large ag
    • Less supply chain disruption

Does hobby farming sound like something you’d be interested in? If so, we’d love to help you find the right property for your new venture.