Preparing Your Land for Listing in Georgia

If you’re looking to list your land for sale in Georgia, there are several steps you can take to get it ready for potential buyers. We at Mathis Land Group are here to guide you through the entire process.

  • Evaluate the land: Here we need to assess the condition of your land. This includes any potential issues, hazards, improvements, and/or zoning concerns. Taking care of these issues prior to listing can make the transfer of property much easier for you and the potential buyer. As with many things first impressions really matter when it comes to selling your property. Many times, you get one opportunity to impress a potential buyer.
  • Hire a land surveyor: If your property does not have an updated boundary survey then we recommend having one completed before listing. A boundary survey can provide an updated and accurate outline of your property with specific measurements and markings. This will assure the potential buyer of what they are purchasing.
  • Clean up the land: Remove any debris, overgrown vegetation, or other clutter from the land. This can help buyers envision the potential of the property and create a more appealing atmosphere. The simple act of mowing the roads and fields can transform the opinion of the property. This is your curb appeal!
  • Improve access: Make sure the land is easily accessible by building or maintaining access roads, trails, or bridges. Buyers want to see what they are purchasing. To receive top dollar for your property we want the buyer to envision enjoying their purchase not working on it. Buyers unfamiliar with these tasks may envision spending many thousands of dollars when the actual cost may be much lower.
  • Research local regulations: We check local regulations and zoning ordinances related to your property. This allows us to help you answer any questions potential buyers may have and avoid any legal issues during the sales process. As a licensed realtor we must provide accurate information regarding your property. This will give assurance to your buyers that they are making an informed purchase.
  • Price the land correctly: We research the market as well as use any of our recent sales in your area to produce a competitive price for the land that reflects its value and potential. We compare and contrast land types and attributes as well as arms link sales to come up with the most accurate value.

By taking these steps, you can ensure that your land is in the best possible condition for listing and maximize its value to potential buyers. Once these steps are addressed, we’ll market your property to the market. We utilize our MLS systems, social media, agent contacts, land listing sites, our VPR agent network, as well as our website. Mathis Land Group has many ways to help you sell your land here in Georgia. Give us a call with all of your land buying and selling needs.